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SUMMER: Time for swimming, vacations by the beach, hiking in the mountains and outdoor sports... Jewelry can really suffer at this time of year! Exposure to sweat, sun lotion, salt water and chlorine can tarnish your sterling silver pieces and cause dulling of gemstones, whilst increased activity can lead to snags and damage. Truly, it is best to remove delicate hand crafted or special jewelry when you're competing in your triathlon or wrangling ice cream infused kids, but here are some easy tips to help keep your jewelry looking good at any time of year. 925 sterling silver WILL tarnish over time;...

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GO GREEN for May

emerald gemstone May birthstone

Known as “the Stone of Successful Love”, the traditional birthstone for the month of May is the magnificent emerald. One of the four “precious” gemstones alongside diamond, ruby and sapphire, emerald has been revered for over 6000 years, as records show it having been sold in the markets of Babylon as early as 4000 B.C E. Honored for its spiritual power and beauty, this stone was worshiped by the Incas, was a symbol of eternal life in ancient Egypt, was the favorite gemstone of Cleopatra, and even makes a guest appearance in ancient literature; Aristotle wrote about their virtue, and...

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Work in Progress...!!

Hi!   This is Lin, the designer and artist behind Flaunt Designs Jewelry. I am currently working to set up shop here, and it is like learning a whole new language - so please bear with me! If you like what you see and wish to view more of my designs while I am going through this process, I have full collections, ready to ship, over at my other Flaunt shop. Thank you for your patience - see you soon! ~ Lin ~

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