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Welcome to Flaunt!

Lin from Flaunt

Flaunt Designs Jewelry - Inspired by life, created by hand.
Nature inspires me; organic forms, color and texture. I love taking little parts of our Earth - shimmering metal, shimmering pearls, a gemstone suffused with inner light and, lately, even hand felted natural wool dyed bright and beautiful colors - and using them in my work. Reassuring and elemental, wearing these stones and materials against our skin is an act that connects us to the natural world and to our ancestors, who have been adorning themselves in this way for centuries. 

I am a "one girl" shop and design and hand craft all my Flaunt pieces. Thoughts become ideas which evolve into sketches, and finally tangible pieces which I create with my own two hands in my home studio near Dallas, Texas. I buy some pre-cast charms, ready cut stones and beads, but source as many as possible from artisans who hand craft them, so that the end product I make is as unique as possible and still supports small production and individual artisans. I happily hammer ear wires on the sweetest, tiniest anvil you've ever met, wire wrap stones, and hand forge paddles and links.  

Find me out in space!


I have another online store at Flaunt on Etsy 

Thank you for visiting and allowing me to share my work with you... 
~ Lin ~